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"You can't live your dreams, if you don't wake up"


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Who the hell is staring at me in the mirror.

Posted on 10 July, 2014 at 16:55 Comments comments (4)

I was talking to a girlfriend who recommended that I start a blog. At first I thought what  do I have to tell  that someone would care? Then I realized that we are all on a journey, whether it's relational, financial, physical, emotional or spitirtual. The common link is we are all lookiing for health.

My journey towards health was one day I woke up, literally from a fog that had consumed me for years. This all happened in April, I was turning 35, working in Social work at the same job, with the same people and in the same building for years. So I quit, I quit living up to expectations, quit living  dreadul Groundhog"s day over and over again. I chose different, not better just different. I jumped in the deep end and am swimming to reduce the chill. But wanted to follow my drea, and after much encouragement, let's follow this dream together, your's is probably different but the end result of peace and happiness is the goal. Enjoy the ride!!!